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Try A Little Tenderness

Otis Redding

[This is for you] Ooh she may be wearyAnd them young girls they do get wearyWearing that same old shaggy dressBut when they get weary[You gotta] try a little tenderness

[Tell you, might not believe it, but]You know she's waitingJust anticipatingThe thing that she'll never, never, possess,no,noBut while [all the time] she's without itGo to her and try just a little bit of tenderness[Thats all you gentlemen gotta do]

Oh,but its one thingIt might be a bit sentimental yeah, yeahShe has - her greaves and careBut the soft words [they] are spoken so gentleYeahBut, oh, that makes it, makes it easier to bear, yeah

You wont regret itNo no,Them young girls they dont forget it[Cause] Love is their whole, whole happiness Yes, yes, yeah

And its all so easyCome on and tryTry a little TendernessYeah TryJust keep on trying

You've got to love herSqueeze herDon't tease her Make love [Get to her]Hold her tightJust, just try a little tendernessThats all you gotta doYouve gotta hold her tight

One more timeYou`ve got to love herhold her Don't tease herNever leave herMake love to herHold her, man

Try a little tenderness[Just one time] God have mercy now

All you`ve gotta doLove herYou've gotta hold herDon't squeeze herNever leave her You gotta now,now,now

Watch it , tell everybodyTryTry a little tenderness

You gotta make loveDon't tease herNever leave herRub her downSmooth her, soothe herMove herLove herRub herGotta gotta, zak it to herTry some tenderness

Oh yeahTendernessLittle tendernesGotta, lord you gotta hold herSqueeze her Never leave her

[Isso é para você] Ooh ela pode estar preocupadaE então jovens garotas elas ficam preocupadasUsando aquele mesmo velho vestido de semprePorém quando elas ficarem preocupadas[Você tem] Tente um pouco de carinho

[Digo-lhe, pode até não acreditar, mas]Você sabe que ela está esperandoApenas antecipandoUma coisa que ela nunca, nunca vai possuirMas enquanto ela está sem issoVá até ela e tente apenas um pouco de carinho[Isso é o que todos os cavalheiros fazer]

Oh, mas isso é uma coisaIsto tem que ser ser um pouco sentimentalEla tem - seus tormentos e cuidadosMas palavras suaves, faladas com gentilezaYeahFaz isso mas fácil de aguentar

Você não se arrependeráNão, nãoE jovens garotas não se esquecerão[Porque] amor é toda a felicidade

E tudo isso é fácilVenha e tenteTente um pouco de carinhoIsso, tenteApenas continue tentando

Você tem que amar elaAperta-laNão provaca-la, fazer amorAbraça-la forteApenas, Apenas tente um pouco de carinhoIsso é tudo que você tem que fazerVocê tem que abraça-la forte

Mais uma vezVocê tem que ama-laAbraçe-a, não a provoqueNunca a deixeFaça amor com elaAbraçe-a, homem

Tente um pouco de carinho[Apenas uma vez] Deus tenha piedade agora

Tudo que você tem que fazerAma-laVocê tem que abraça-laNão aperte elaNunca a deixeVoce tem agora, agora, agora

Veja isso, conte a todosTenteTente um pouco de carinho

Você tem que fazer amorNão provoca-laNunca deixa-laConviver com elaSuavizar ela, surpreende-laMexer com elaAma-laAperta-laTem temTente um pouco de carinho

Oh yeahCuidadoPouco de cuidadoTem, Deus você tem que abraça-laAperte-a e nunca a deixe

Composição: Harry Woods / Jimmy Campbell / Reginald Connelly

You Make Me Feel Brand New

Simply Red

My loveI'll never find the words, my loveTo tell you how I feel, my loveMere words could not explainPrecious loveYou held my life within your handsCreated everything I amTaught me how to live again

Only youCame when I needed a friendBelieved in me through thick and thinThis song is for youFilled with gratitude and love

God bless youYou make me feel brand newFor God blessed me with youYou make me feel brand newI sing this song 'cause youMake me feel brand new

My loveWhenever I was insecureYou built me up and made me sureYou gave my pride back to mePrecious friendWith you I'll always have a friendYou're someone who I can dependTo walk a path that sometimes ends

Without youLife has no meaning or rhymeLike notes to a song out of timeHow can I repayYou for having faith in me

Meu amorEu nunca irei encontrar palavras, meu amorPara te dizer como me sinto, meu amorSimples palavras não poderiam explicarPrecioso amorVoce segurou minha vida em suas mãosCriou tudo o que souEnsinou-me a viver novamente

Só vocêVeio quando eu precisei de um amigoAcreditou em mim nos bons e maus momentosEsta canção é para vocêCheia de gratidão e amor

Deus te abençoeVocê me faz sentir renovadoPor Deus ter me abençoado com vocêVocê me faz sentir renovadoEu canto essa música porque vocêMe faz sentir renovado

Meu amorSempre que eu estava inseguroVocê me levantou e me fez ter certezaVocê me devolveu meu orgulhoPreciosa amigaCom você eu sempre terei um amigaVocê é alguém que eu posso contarPara trilhar em um caminho que por vezes termina

Sem vocêA vida não tem significado ou rimaComo notas para uma música fora de tempoComo posso retribuirVocê por ter fé em mim

Composição: Linda Creed / Thom Bell

You got a fast carI want a ticket to anywhereMaybe we make a dealMaybe together we can get somewhere

Anyplace is betterStarting from zero got nothing to loseMaybe we'll make somethingBut me myself I got nothing to prove

You got a fast carAnd I got a plan to get us out of hereI've been working at the convenience storeManaged to save just a little bit of moneyWe won't have to drive too farJust 'cross the border and into the cityYou and I can both get jobsAnd finally see what it means to be living

You see my old man's got a problemHe live with the bottle that's the way it isHe says his body's too old for workingI say his body's too young to look like hisMy mama went off and left himShe wanted more from life than he could giveI said somebody's got to take care of himSo I quit school and that's what I did

You got a fast carBut is it fast enough so we can fly awayWe gotta make a decisionWe leave tonight or live and die this way

I remember we were driving driving in your carThe speed so fast I felt like I was drunkCity lights lay out before usAnd your arms felt nice wrapped 'round my shoulderAnd I had a feeling that I belongedAnd I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone, be someone

You got a fast carAnd we go cruising to entertain ourselvesYou still ain't got a jobAnd I work in a market as a checkout girlI know things will get betterYou'll find work and I'll get promotedWe'll move out of the shelterBuy a big house and live in the suburbs

I remember we were driving driving in your carThe speed so fast I felt like I was drunkCity lights lay out before usAnd your arms felt nice wrapped 'round my shoulderAnd I had a feeling that I belongedAnd I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone, be someone(x3)

You got a fast carAnd I got a job that pays all our billsYou stay out drinking late at the barSee more of your friends than you do of your kidsI'd always hoped for betterThought maybe together you and me would find itI got no plans I ain't going nowhereSo take your fast car and keep on driving

I remember we were driving driving in your carThe speed so fast I felt like I was drunkCity lights lay out before usAnd your arms felt nice wrapped 'round my shoulder

And I had a feeling that I belonged

Love Sponge

Buju Banton

Got to let this woman know its real
Exactly how the rudebwoy feel
Oh baby, Oh Lady (a big bad rhythm)

This one is called lovers choice
Never know yuh woulda really feel so nice, love sponge
I dont wanna let you go
With You im in no hurry (oh no)

1. Lord you are lovable, kissable
Desire the inevitable
Without your sweet caress im so damn miserable
Touch your finesse, feel the fur of your coat
Seen you walk away saying my eyes in smoke
You are dressible, lookable
All the man dem after yuh
They claim you do something they just cant explain
To the brain
Your man shouldnt have no complain
Oh no

2. Hey slowmotion is the way for us to enjoy the day
Always taking time to listen what she got to say
She thinks I be spending too much time on the beat
I try to make her overstand thats how we eat darling dont quarrel with me,
It hurts too easily
Dont be messed up by silly tendency
No no way

3. She mek a caan forget about the huging and squeezing
Ah feel as if im upside down in the ceiling
Confess, this girl is the ultimate thing
What it means to be loved, no need asking
Swing baby swing, while I continue sing
Your favrite song Lats go dancing
Hey Chuh

Body And Soul

Billie Holiday

tradução automática via Google tradutor

You're making me blueAll that you doSeems unfairYou try not to hearTurn a deaf earTo my prayerIt seems you don't want to seeWhat you are doing to meMy arms are waiting to caress youAnd to my heart they long to press you, sweet heart

My heart is sad and lonelyFor you I sightFor you, dear, onlyWhy haven't you seen it?I'm all for youBody and soul

I spend my days in longingAnd wondering why it's me you're wrongingI tell you I mean itI'm all for youBody and soul

I can't believe itIt´s hard to conceive itThat you'd turn away romanceAre you pretending?It looks like the ending

Unless I could have one more change to prove, dear

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